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As Stella Life, it aims to increase the functionality, safety and usability of elevators by offering important elements such as automatic doors in elevator solutions. Automatic doors are equipped with safety features while providing convenience to users and improve passenger flow in elevators.

Automatic doors are an important element that facilitates the entrance and exit of elevator cabins. Passengers do not have to manually open or close the doors when using the elevators. Automatic doors detect users through sensors and control systems and automatically open and close doors. This allows users to use the elevators quickly and smoothly.

Safety is of paramount importance in the design of automatic doors. Doors include security measures for the safety and protection of users. Detection sensors detect objects during the opening and closing of doors and take precautions against jamming. In addition, security features such as door lock systems and emergency buttons provide quick response in emergencies.

Automatic doors improve passenger flow in elevators. These doors feature quick opening and closing so users can access the elevator with shorter waiting times. In addition, automatic doors are designed in accordance with accessibility standards to ensure easy use of disabled individuals and people with reduced mobility.

Our company offers a variety of automatic door solutions to suit the needs of our customers. We aim to meet the expectations of our customers by offering doors in different sizes, materials and designs. We also match the doors to the building decoration with customization options.

As a result, our company's elevator solutions such as automatic doors increase the functionality, safety and usability of elevators. It provides convenience, includes security features and improves passenger flow. We aim to maximize the elevator experience by offering our customers high quality, reliable and user-friendly automatic doors.
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