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As Stella Life, it aims to improve the appearance of elevator cabins by offering various ceiling options that offer personalization and aesthetic creativity in elevator solutions. Ceiling options offer different materials and design options for the elevator car.

Stainless steel ceilings provide a modern and polished look. This option adds elegance and shine to the elevator cabin, while at the same time providing durability. Stainless steel ceilings attract attention with their long-lasting and easy-to-clean features.

Glass ceilings add a transparent and spacious look to the elevator cabin. This option offers a modern design aesthetic, while at the same time passing light into the cabin, creating a bright environment. Glass ceilings are a preferred option to show the interiors of buildings and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Decorative panels create an original and aesthetic appearance on the ceiling of the elevator car. These panels allow for customization with different patterns, colors and textures. A rich and luxurious atmosphere can be created by covering it with wood, marble, metal or other decorative materials. Decorative panels can be chosen in harmony with the interior decoration of the buildings.

Ceiling options play an important role in elevator car design. Our company offers our customers a wide range of ceiling options and supports them in their projects with design flexibility. We customize ceiling materials and designs in accordance with our customers' preferences, building style and aesthetic expectations.

As a result, our company's elevator ceiling options are an important element that increases the aesthetic appearance of the elevator cabin and offers the possibility of customization. With different materials such as stainless steel, glass or decorative panels, we can add elegance, shine or an original look to the cabinets. We aim to provide ceiling solutions that complement the interiors of their buildings by offering our customers customization options.
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