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As Stella Life, it aims to ensure that elevators operate safely and effectively by offering user-friendly and functional control panels in elevator solutions. Elevator control panels allow passengers and operators to control and monitor elevator movement. These panels contain various buttons, switches, and indicators.

Control panels contain buttons that allow passengers to select their target floor and initiate elevator movement. Standard buttons are designed in a simple and easy to use way for users to select the desired solid. There are also high-end options such as touch-sensitive buttons. These buttons detect and respond to the user's finger contact, so users can control the elevator more quickly and interactively.

Control panels contain switches to start and stop elevator movement. These switches control the energy of the elevator and provide instant stop in case of emergency. Emergency stop switches allow users to quickly stop the elevator when necessary, thus minimizing safety risks.

Indicators are an essential part of control panels. Indicators show on which floor the elevator is and in which direction it is moving. This allows users to follow the movement of the elevator and get off at the correct floor. In addition, indicators showing altitude and notifying emergency situations are also located on the control panel.

Our company offers various control panel options to suit the needs of users. We provide customization to our customers with different designs, colors and button arrangements. We also make control panels more user-friendly with features such as user-friendly interfaces and readable fonts.

In conclusion, our company's elevator control panels are important components that enable users to effectively control and monitor elevator operation. Our control panels, which include elements such as buttons, switches and indicators, stand out with their user-friendly and functional features. We aim to provide our customers with a safe, efficient and user-friendly elevator experience.
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