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As Stella Life, it aims to raise the aesthetic appearance of elevator cabins by offering a first class option in elevator solutions with stainless steel surfaces with decorative patterns such as Decostyle Stainless. Decostyle Stainless adds a luxurious and sophisticated look to elevator cabins, increasing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Decostyle Stainless stands out with the combination of the durability of the stainless steel material and elegant patterns. This coating option adds a high-quality look and feel to elevator cabins. Stainless steel material provides durability and long-lasting use to the cabinets. At the same time, this material offers a special aesthetic with the addition of decorative patterns.

Dekostyle Stainless includes stainless steel surfaces treated with decorative patterns. These patterns can consist of various options such as geometric shapes, natural motifs or special designs. These patterns add a luxurious and original look to the elevator cabin, allowing users to have a visually appealing experience.

Decostyle Stainless can be used on the interior and exterior surfaces of elevator cabins. When used indoors, it offers passengers an elegant and impressive atmosphere. When used outdoors, it provides an eye-catching appearance in harmony with the architectural style of the buildings. This increases the overall aesthetic appeal of the elevator car and raises the prestige of the buildings.

Our company offers various Decostyle Stainless options to our customers and provides special designs for their needs. Our expert team works to understand the aesthetic preferences and project requirements of our customers. We guide our clients in the selection and application of decorative patterns, thus ensuring that the elevator cabins achieve the desired look.

As a result, our company's Decostyle Stainless solutions provide elevator cabins with a premium look with decoratively patterned stainless steel surfaces. It enhances the overall attractiveness of the elevator car by offering a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic. We aim to offer our customers unique and impressive elevator cabins.
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