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As Stella Life, it aims to provide safe and efficient vertical transportation by offering high quality elevator equipment in elevator solutions. Elevator equipment includes the essential components of elevators and works together to ensure safe and effective operation of elevators.

An elevator car is a closed compartment in which passengers or loads are transported. Its cabin is made of solid and durable materials and is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. The interior arrangement is designed to improve the user experience by considering ergonomics and aesthetics. In addition, we can customize the cabinet in various sizes and shapes according to the demands of our customers.

The elevator shaft refers to the vertical space in which the elevator moves. The correct size and height of the gap ensures smooth operation of the elevator. In addition, there are guardrails and protective measures in accordance with safety standards in the space. Our company aims to provide the most suitable solution for the existing building structure by offering suitable cavity designs to our customers.

The machine room refers to an area where the power supply and control systems of the elevator are located. The engine room must be designed in a safe and appropriate manner. This apartment contains the equipment that makes the elevator work, such as motors, gear systems and control panels. Our company aims to provide energy efficiency and ease of maintenance by offering compact and efficient engine room designs.

The counterweight system is a system used to keep the elevator car in balance. This system provides energy savings by providing a balance between the elevator car and the counterweight. By using high quality and reliable counterweight systems, we ensure smooth and balanced movement of the elevator.

Safety systems are important to ensure safe use of elevators. It includes various safety measures such as emergency buttons, fire alarm systems, speed control systems and overload protection systems. These systems are designed to ensure the safety of users and equipment and to deal with emergencies.

Our company offers our customers the most reliable and high quality elevator equipment. Our equipment, which is made of high quality materials, has superior qualities in terms of safety, durability and performance. In addition, we provide special solutions to our customers' projects and provide designs that fit their needs.

As a result, our company's elevator equipment is the key components that keep elevators running safely and efficiently. The elevator car, elevator shaft, engine room, counterweight system and safety systems work together to enable users to experience vertical transportation safely. We aim to provide our customers with reliable, durable and user-friendly elevator solutions by providing the highest quality equipment.
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