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Food Transport Cabin is a service used to facilitate the transport and distribution of food to employees in workplaces or public living areas. This service provides safe and fast delivery of meals from a central point such as a dining hall or kitchen, especially in multi-storey buildings, to the working areas of the personnel on different floors.

The Food Transport Cabin works in integration with lift systems. A specially designed cabin is made of stainless steel with an interior design organised to safely carry food containers. The cabin has a capacity that can vary depending on the amount of food that can be transported at a time.

This service takes the meals prepared by the cafeteria or kitchen in the workplace and transports them to different floors via the lift system. The Food Transport Cabin allows the staff to take their meals without wasting time and to be fed more efficiently. It also minimises time losses such as searching for food outside the workplace or waiting for food for long periods of time.

The Food Transport Cabin is designed in accordance with safety and hygiene standards. Necessary precautions are taken to prevent spillage or spoilage during the transport of meals. In addition, regular cleaning of the cabin and ensuring hygienic conditions are also of great importance.

The Food Transport Cabin service is an effective solution to increase the work efficiency of employees in workplaces, save time and meet their nutritional needs. At the same time, it allows staff to spend more time in social areas within the workplace and eat in a comfortable environment.
By providing a more efficient food distribution in work areas, the Food Transport Cabin positively affects the workplace atmosphere and increases employee satisfaction.
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