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As Stella Life, it aims to increase the aesthetic appearance of elevator cabins by offering a modern and elegant option such as glass coating in elevator solutions. Glass cladding adds a sense of transparency and openness to elevator cabins, increasing the overall visual appeal.

Glass coating is a material used on the interior and exterior surfaces of elevator cabins. This option offers a modern design aesthetic and gives cabinets a stylish look. The glass cladding creates a spacious atmosphere inside the elevators and allows users to see outside the cabin. This gives passengers a sense of security and openness.

Glass cladding offers a variety of options with different types of glass used in elevator cabins. Transparent glasses provide the simplest and most modern appearance, while at the same time creating a bright environment. Opaque (opaque) glasses can be used for added privacy and may include decorative patterns. There are also different design options available, such as tinted lenses or screen-printed lenses. Glass inlays not only add spaciousness and style to elevator cabins, but also improve the user experience. Transparent windows allow users to observe elevator movements and increase the connection of the interior with the outside world. In addition, the glass cover creates a brighter and more spacious feel inside the cabin.

Our company offers our customers different glass coating options and provides designs suitable for the needs of their projects. Our expert team works to understand the aesthetic preferences and safety needs of our customers and recommend the most suitable glass types. It also ensures that the glass coatings are durable and safe and provide long-lasting use.

As a result, our company's glazing solutions are a popular option that allows elevator cabins to have a modern and elegant aesthetic. It creates a sense of transparency and openness, increasing the overall visual appeal of the cabinet. We aim to offer our customers spacious, safe and aesthetically appealing elevator cabins.
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