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As Stella Life, it aims to improve the design of elevator cabins and entrance areas by offering various floor options that combine aesthetics and durability in elevator solutions. Elevator floor options provide both a visually attractive appearance and resistance to harsh conditions such as heavy pedestrian traffic.

Floor options are available in a variety of materials and design features. For example, natural stone floors such as marble or granite can be preferred for a durable and stylish look. These options add a luxurious and elegant aesthetic to the elevator cabin and entrance areas, while also providing durability.

Covering materials such as laminate or vinyl are also popular flooring choices. These materials provide flexibility in design by offering a wide range of colors and patterns. In addition, these coatings attract attention with their easy-to-clean features and provide ease of maintenance.

Flooring options should resist heavy foot traffic and abrasion. Therefore, materials with durable and non-slip properties are preferred. It is also important that floors are resistant to scratches and stains. Our company provides long-lasting and safe flooring solutions by offering materials suitable for these requirements to our customers.

Floor options must also match other design elements to complete the aesthetics of the elevator car. It is important that colors, patterns and textures match the interior of the building. In addition, the floors provide a smooth and smooth surface, allowing users to use the elevator comfortably and safely.

Our company offers our customers a variety of flooring options and provides solutions that suit their design preferences and functional needs. Our expert team works to understand the expectations of our customers and to recommend the most suitable flooring materials for them. In addition, we provide customization options to create a fully harmonious design for elevators.

As a result, our company's elevator floor options are an important element that contributes to the design of elevator cabins and entrance areas and is resistant to heavy use. While offering a visually attractive appearance, it also draws attention with its durability and safety features. We aim to provide our customers with flooring options that meet their aesthetic expectations and provide a comfortable experience for users.
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