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As Stella Life, it aims to meet the needs of healthcare facilities by offering solutions specially designed for hospital elevators. Hospital elevator cabins play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of patients, medical personnel and medical equipment.

Our hospital elevator cabins provide comfortable accommodation of patients and medical equipment with their spacious interiors. It facilitates transportation by providing sufficient space for patient beds, wheelchairs and other medical devices. It also has wide doors and wide entrance areas to increase the mobility of hospital staff and provide quick access.

Safety is at the highest level in hospital elevators. Our cabins have emergency buttons and emergency call systems. It is equipped with emergency lighting systems that provide quick response in an emergency. In addition, specially designed suspension systems are used to minimize jolts and vibrations inside the cabin. In this way, a comfortable and safe experience is provided during patient transport.

Our hospital elevator cabins are specially designed for infection control. It is produced from hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces and is supported by antimicrobial coatings. It also ensures that the air is clean and healthy with features such as ventilation systems and filtration systems. This reduces the risk of infection of patients and medical personnel.

Our company offers options to customize hospital elevator cabins to suit customers' specific needs. We aim to provide the most suitable solution for hospital facilities by offering cabins in different sizes and arrangements. We also fully customize hospital elevators with customization options such as in-cab lighting, emergency call systems and other features.

As a result, our company's hospital elevator cabins are specifically designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of patients and medical equipment. We aim to meet the highest standards in healthcare facilities with spacious interiors, safety features, infection control and customization options. We constantly follow innovative technologies and use best practices to provide our customers with an efficient and safe vertical transportation experience in healthcare facilities.
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