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Pivot doors are doors designed using a different opening mechanism than conventional hinged doors. These doors pivot around a pivot point (pivot) located at the top and bottom edges of the door. While traditional hinged doors open with hinges mounted on the side edge of the door frame, the axis of rotation of pivot doors is located in the centre of the door. Here are some features of pivot doors:

Aesthetic Appearance: Pivot doors offer a modern and stylish design. They are often combined with large glass panels, which makes the space appear more open and spacious. For this reason, they are preferred in places such as luxury residences, office buildings and hotels.

Durability: Pivot doors are usually manufactured from sturdy and durable materials. This ensures a long-lasting and durable use.

Customisability: Pivot doors are available in different sizes, colours and materials. This means that the design can be customised, so that a special solution can be offered for every space.

Easy Operation: Pivot doors offer easy operation for users. They can be opened and closed thanks to a lever or push bar placed on the door's axis of rotation.

Suitable for Wide Entrances: Pivot doors are generally used in large entrances. Large glass panels and wide opening mechanism provide a large transition area.

Pivot doors offer stylish and functional door options that reflect the modern design concept. Combining aesthetics and durability, these doors can be an excellent option for many different spaces.

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